Shower Enclosures

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Turn your shower and its doors into a work of art…and keep it that way with Guardian’s revolutionary shower glass that withstands even the harshest shower conditions.

Framed or frameless, sliding or hinged, shower enclosures and bathroom glass have come a long way from simply creating a watertight seal. Regardless of the design of your shower or the size of the opening, the glass in your shower and in your shower door can now be as beautiful as it is functional. Create privacy through textures, patterns and colors, or simply make your shower glass easier to clean and maintain with our patented ShowerGuard technology, Guardian has the perfect solution for both pre-fabricated and custom shower, shower door and bathroom glass designs.


  • Glass size and thickness
  • Patterns and texture
  • Tints/clear
  • Etching

 Shower Enclosures

The following products offer a variety of styles, colors, textures and performance features well suited for this application.
DecoCristal ® Float Glass ShowerGuard ®




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Application Photo
Application Photo



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