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Glass cases and shelving systems make a statement about your business or workplace, and should accentuate with brilliance and clarity.

When it comes to aesthetics, our glass provides the clarity and simplicity you need for glass displays and fixtures so the only thing you see is the beauty of the contents on display or within the enclosure. Look to laminated glass in specified thicknesses to meet requirements for strength and security, as well as load-bearing capabilities. And when scratch-resistance is a must, our DiamondGuard glass is the perfect solution.


  • Glasses size and thickness
  • Finish and appearance
  • Hardware or how the glass will fasten to support

 Displays & Fixtures

The following products offer a variety of styles, colors, textures and performance features well suited for this application.
Clarity™ DecoCristal ® DiamondGuard ® Float Glass LamiGlass Mirror SatinDeco ® UltraClear™






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